Beginning Therapy

What information is needed to begin Neurofeedback Therapy?

One of our goals at Jacob’s Ladder is to help you better understand and work with your child, according to who they are. In order to better understand each client, our application includes information such as age, gender, handedness, diagnoses, medical history, diet, medication and family goals. These details, and more, are vital to ensure the most appropriate and beneficial plan for our clients.

Before beginning NFB, a quantitative EEG (QEEG) is required to serve as a baseline for determining various goals. The QEEG provides a map of the brain, categorized according to several factors, in relation to standardized scores. Pairing the information from the QEEG and the client history, we can then determine a protocol.

How does Neurofeedback pair with the Jacob’s Ladder program?

The Jacob’s Ladder methodology is based on the growth and development of neuropathways. If you can imagine the brain as a system of roadways, Jacob’s Ladder would be the construction crew, building new, more efficient roads. As the new roads are being built, you can imagine Neurofeedback as the traffic control, rewarding drivers for going the speed limit and guiding them to the best roads.

NFB is a powerful tool on its own but when used as a supplement to the Jacob’s Ladder method, not only are new neuropathways being built but the neural activity along those pathways is being optimized at a genesis stage. Reinforcing this transition early in development will help reinforce a life-long change.

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