Meet Kemka

Kemka is a very energetic 2.8 years old boy.  When he first started at Jacob’s Ladder in February 2013, he was non-verbal with some difficulties with sleeping and eating, as well as some sensory issues and non-compliance.

Kemka’s initial brain map showed deficits in 4 metrics (Delta, Theta, Alpha and Beta). These areas showed a slightly below average range of function.

Kemka did 8 Neurofield sessions over 5 weeks, and then another Qeeg was performed. His brain map showed a global change from a deficit to a normative level in Delta, Alpha, Beta and High Beta. His Theta increased positively in his parietal lobe, however due to the change within the brain itself, some flexibility is expected.

Our Neurofeedback practitioners noted that Kemka really enjoyed his Neurofield sessions, and his parents and teachers quickly began to see changes. By session 2, his mom reported increased eye contact at home, and he was laughing and had verbal approximations during session 8.

For the next 2 months, Kemka alternated between Neurofield and Neurofeedback sessions each week. Another Qeeg was performed after 12 sessions, 6 Neurofeedback and 6 Neurofield. His brain map showed a major decrease in Theta, as well as maintained normal levels in Delta, Alpha, Beta and High Beta.

Kemka loves his teachers and enjoys coming to school. He is learning new sounds and is thriving on Jacob’s Ladder programming. He keeps surprising us everyday!

Initial Brain Map

Followup Brain Map 1

Followup Brain Map 2

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